Charcoal Drawing

46 Amazing Charcoal Drawing Style Ideas and Images 2019


Drawing with charcoal, pastel and chalk is addictive. This may be because charcoal drawings are so fast and straightforward, or maybe because the final look is so cool, but people like to draw with charcoal. Even the great Michelangelo has created a series of charcoal drawings.

Whatever the reasons for its popularity as a medium (and there are many), there are some charcoal drawing techniques used daily by many artists. In this article, I will review some important tips and tricks for charcoal to get you started. Watch the video below and follow the steps to success.

You can use any type of charcoal to try these techniques. Just ask your local art store and they will guide you (see # 09 for a bit more about the different species). If you are encouraged to learn more, visit for classes, workshops, etc. It’s an incredible way to learn with professionals.

The essential thing is to keep the essentials. Artistically, the essential is called essence. It is just as important for charcoal drawing as for any other medium. When you create a room, you must first decide on the picture and what you want to say. Once you have dealt with the “main idea” or essence, everything you do from that moment, every movement and every detail you use or omit, should reinforce that aspect of the piece.


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