Charcoal Drawing

46 Best Images! What is Charcoal and How to Draw with Charcoal?


Drawing technique using a charred wooden tool, charcoal drawing is one of the staple foods of all artists. Charcoal drawings are a great way for any artist to make a move and target great shapes without getting lost in the details. A charcoal artist is able to produce a high degree of gradation by simply varying the pressure of his fingers. By simply turning or rotating the unit, a completely new type of stroke can occur on the surface of a room. As with many drawing media, coal reacts strongly to the grain of the paper used.

In this section, you will find links that will guide you through the charcoal drawing aspects you need to explore, as well as drawing tutorials on Youtube to help you.

For the uninitiated, these media are interchangeable, but if you’re just starting out, it’s important to know what’s best for you. The shades that subdivide the dark drawing instruments are the same ones that give them power for different purposes. For more information on the best drawing tools for you, check out the free guide to the artist network.

If you use charcoal to draw, you need some tools. First of all, you need a variety of types of charcoal, tablets and pencil. You also want to have a kneaded eraser.

Mixed Eraser – The macerated eraser is a special type of eraser designed to lift material from the surface. Kneaders work well with charcoal.

Strain Assembly – You can also have a mixture of strains. With a mixing stump, you have complete control over the mixing and spreading of the coal. You can create a melting point by wrapping the drawing paper to a certain point.


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