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Eyes are an important part of the face. This gives your characters a personality, communicates emotions and fundamentally changes the look of your character. This is also the part where you can bring more life than anywhere else.
The image above compares a realistic drawn human eye with a typical manga eye. Both eye types have the same parts, although the shapes are painted differently. In the Manga eyes, the upper and lower eyelids are not always connected, and therefore the sclera (the white part of the eye) does not always have a clear contour. Although the two irises shown above are round, the manga eyes may also be oval, as you can see in the following sections.
Shonen manga often uses rectangular eyes for male characters. You can play with the rectangle by tilting it up or down, changing its length / width, or changing the sharpness of the corner of your eye.

The rounded eyes look softer and therefore you will notice that many female figures are painted with these eyes. You can also draw rounded eyes for your young male characters.


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