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Hello everybody! I love Dawn’s new tutorials for kids! So I decided to create my own children’s anime tutorial. Usually, my cartoon characters are much more detailed than that, but since this is a tutorial for kids, I’ve decided to leave them naked, so no one is overwhelmed. If someone wants to add more details to the basics of these guys, I encourage them! I like to see what people do with my tutorials …

As you can see in the first four, the eyes can be expressed through the rest of the face. I used the same eyes for these four, but the faces are different from the mouth I gave them. In the last two cases, you may find that using other eyes can produce the same effect. These eyes are only thick arcs and tend to be easiest to draw because they require no detail.
Now that we have practiced the face of anime, let’s examine the woman’s body first. Anime has very long legs compared to normal people. So when you draw your landmark, make sure your legs are long! Women also tend to have narrower shoulders than men. Try to keep the shoulders closer to the size of the head circle.
Now we can build our face from here. How to build an anime face in the right way. The circle of the leader represents most of the head. You then curve the line and shape your chin. The head should always be able to connect to the circle of the leader line. For facial lines, draw a curved line from the chin up to the head and then a curved line around the head just below the middle.
Now you can finish it off by giving him a big hand, a collar on his shirt, an ear, thick eyebrows and eye lines, the pointed edge of the bottom of his pony and even a little cow licking head!
And we are done! You can either take one person of these and picture them, or take both together and paint them as I did. I hope you liked the tutorial and the drawing!


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