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This tutorial will show you how to structure and describe a basic manga character. With a wired figure, you can correct and proportion the body of the pose before adding details. If you want to draw a more dynamic character, watch these tutorials that show how to draw a ninja manga and a cyborg cop manga.

When drawing a manga figure good proportions are important. They have about 7.5 heads. The heroes of the manga action tend to have longer proportions, at least eight heads tall, often larger. The relatively small head emphasizes the dramatic effect of the low position in the dominant position of the “hero”. It’s a completely different look than the big cartoon style.

Otherwise, the proportions of the body are pretty normal: your shoulder at your elbow is about as long as your elbow on your wrist. The same applies to the hip to the knee and knee to the ankle. Usually, I like to start the wire figure by placing my head (without finishing) and then going through the rest of the wire frame as the head normally carries the body. The detail is developed with the rest of the character, not completed first.


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