Figure Drawing

36+ Beautiful Women Figure Drawing! Easy Ways of Making Figure Drawings


As you get used to creating drawings or sketches, watch the evolution of your world. Anyone sitting at a table in front of you, at a table, walking in front of you in the bus or on the sidewalk is a character waiting to appear in your sketchbook. To help you relax and keep pace so you can complete sketches page by page, here are five tips to help you simplify the shapes of your body parts. From here it is easier to draw each figure.

Use your hand that does not draw as a model to practice drawing gestures. You can also use a regular mitt as a template to capture the essential mass of the hand. Pull the mittle into different positions and divide this mass into four fingers.

Draw the basic structures of the arms and legs looking at them like cylinders. Ignore all the details that change with your perspective. Drawing from life is always the best approach, but if you do not have a model at hand, try replacing parts of the PVC pipe, straws connected by plasticine or pipe cleaners.

Use the peanut form to quickly build a human or animal figure in any position. Then simply refine this basic form with details. To better understand this shape, try creating a foam rubber, clay or other flexible material. This model can be rotated or folded to draw anywhere.


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